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For the past 37 years I have made my living trading in diamonds and estate jewelry. In my travels I was always fascinated by the abilities of the jewelers from the early 20th century, in particular, Rene Lalique. 

                                                                                                                                My journey into the art world began as a purely intellectual excercise, but I soon became totally immersed in it. I purchased some enamels and a kiln and went to work. I took several enameling workshops but most of my knowledge and skills were acquired from the tried and true method of trial and error. Now it is my passion making my own original pieces using the  same techniques as the old masters.


Over the years I have had the good fortune of showing my pieces in many galleries throughout the United States including Aaron Faber Gallery, the SOFA show, as well as in the permanent collection of The Enamel Arts Foundation.


For the past fourteen years I've had the privilege of serving on the Board of Trustees of the Enamelist Society helping educate the world about enameling as well as giving lectures and workshops at art institutions and universities.


I want to thank you very much for visiting my website and hope you enjoyed my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.







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